The design and basic structure of mountain bike helmet, street motorcycle helmet, football helmet and other different types of helmet is same as all these helmets serves the same purpose of keeping your head and neck safe from injury in case of any unwanted situation. Following is a detailed overview of 4 basic components of a helmet.

  1. Outer Shell

The outer shell or outer most layer of a motorcycle helmet is very hard. It is made this way to absorb maximum shock without giving any danger to our head. This shell is made of special type fibers belonging to the family of thermoplastics. These fibers are very rough, hard and tough but they have the ability to get compressed in case of severe shock. Sometimes, the outer shell gets a crack or breaks down after a crash or an accident. This happens for our own good as it spreads the shock and releases it by getting broken instead of letting the shock to reach our head.

  1. Inner Absorption Liner

Inner absorption liner is the second layer of a motorcycle helmet and it is fixed right next to the outer shell for support purposes. Outer shell and inner absorption liner both work collectively to absorb shock and to spread it throughout the helmet as it decreases the damage. Inner absorption liner is made of Styrofoam and it is very thick. It is its thickness that makes it easier to decrease the intensity of the shock. Inner liner gets compressed just like outer shell after absorbing the shock. Sometimes, it gets broken just to protect our head. So, if your helmet gets cracks or is broken down then it does not means that it is of poor quality. Instead, it means that it protected you well. You cannot get an idea about the damage caused to the inner liner due to shock as it is invisible by naked eye but you can surely do one thing; replacing your motorcycle helmet if it hits a crash.

  1. Comfort Padding

The comfort padding is that layer of a motorcycle helmet that directly faces our head, neck and face. It means that it is the layer that touches our head. This layer is made of two main components. First component is a silky fabric and other one is soft foam. Both of these components are attached together to create comfort padding. It services the basic purpose of providing comfort to the user while riding and it also protects the head from injury in case of a crash.

  1. Retention System

The forth and most important component of a motorcycle helmet is its retention system also called as safety strap or buckle. The main purpose of this strap is to retain the position of your motorcycle helmet after you have a crash. It keeps the motorcycle helmet at its position so that it may protection your head. It also stops it from falling down or moving here and there. You could immediately lose your helmet after an accident if you have not fastened a safety strap.